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12:43, 19 January 2022

Sensorium Galaxy mobile app content update

Sensorium Galaxy mobile app starts the year with the bunch of content updates including an all-new character creation suite, new virtual beings, new dance moves and more! Say hello to Andiska Luez and St. Eldon, Zigiva and Lud Wared, dive deeper into building their personalities and boost your dance catalog with Hip-Hop and House or Vogue and Celebrity moves.

03:54, 28 December 2021

A sneak-peek to Sensorium Galaxy metaverse: what awaits us in 2022.

Want to have a glimpse of what it’s like in the metaverse? Since a while selected testers have a chance to explore Sensorium Galaxy in a closed beta. Here we share some sneak-peeks about two major content enhancement bringing it closer to a public launch.

09:56, 08 December 2021

The Chosen Ones x Sensorium Galaxy

It was an incredible journey to transfer these artistic treasures from one reality to another. We are beyond excited to welcome all “The Chosen Ones” artists to Sensorium Galaxy! They are headliners of the world Top 100 DJs chart, one is the winner, and everyone has a unique voice on the world electronic music scene. Their exclusive shows will deliver out-of-this-world experiences soon. Watch a video featuring “The Chosen Ones” heroes now!

09:57, 03 December 2021

Kàra Màr x Sensorium Galaxy

Meet Kàra Màr, an AI-empowered virtual artist from Sensorium Galaxy metaverse ahead of their first performance in PRISM World.

09:55, 24 November 2021

Nina Kraviz x Sensorium Galaxy

Senses pushed to their limits on the hyper-futuristic grounds of #sensoriumgalaxy. A singular talent who performed from the Eiffel Tower to the Great Wall of China, Nina Kraviz now challenges virtual reality. One of the most successful electronic music artists of all time will host fabulous shows in PRISM. Watch the video premier with Nina Kraviz today. Register now to get early access to PRISM – a virtual world dedicated to high-end music events.

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