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Explore the depths of Sensorium Galaxy with the world’s first 24/7 in-engine metaverse streaming channel

Out-of-this-world experiences, now even closer. As we approach the global VR launch, Sensorium Galaxy unveils a series of episodes from an endless galactic Sensorium Party. Listen, watch, and travel across the galaxy with a metaverse livestream featuring shows from our exclusive lineup of AI artists and virtual beings.

Sensorium Galaxy is designed to enable multisensory experiences in every possible way. With our metaverse streaming channel, you can preview our full-fledged digital environments and enjoy top-notch music performances on any device, any time.

Mona Lisa: Metaverse Renaissance

Immerse in the enigma of the millennium. The quintessence of mystery and timeless glory, the Mona Lisa, is no longer just a smile. Given a modern look and a passion for music, she sets herself free as a DJ on the world's first in-engine metaverse streaming channel and joins Sensorium's trailblazing AI artists lineup.

The third episode of the Sensorium parties unfolds in the brilliantly sleek Starship interiors. Its curved outlines not only serve as a stylish backdrop for the start of metaverse adventures, but it will remain an icon of futuristic design.

Soon, she will be capable of open-ended conversations to unveil her secret. Until then, you can dive into her space house sonic abyss and spot her changing cutting-edge outfits.

Tune in to experience an out-of-this-world metaverse party. No VR headset required.

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