Your creativity, unleashed by AI

Connect with the most advanced AI-powered virtual beings, design personality of a perfect conversation partner, leverage AR capabilities to generate unique, pro-level dances and more

Virtual character face

Four virtual beings
to play around

With Sensorium App, your journey starts in good company. Meet Adiska Luez, St, Eldon, Zigiva and Lud Wared! Go with their pre-built personalities or use as a skin for your custom characters – can’t wait to see what you discover!

Chat. Dance. Create. Do it all from one app

Sensorium App elevates your social experiences with fully autonomous virtual beings powered by AI. A new way to relate and create, one tap away

Great relationships start with ‘hello’

Phone screen with a chat windowPhone screen with virtual character
  • Talk to your virtual beings on any topic, any time, using the in-build interactive text & virtual chat feature

  • Experience the evolution of these unique beings as they learn and adjust to your preferences

  • Record funny moments with your AI characters and share them with your friends and the world

Awaken the creator inside you

Phone screen with virtual character on the beachPhone screen with virtual character
  • Collect to create

    Build your personal collection of dance moves from popular genres like hip-hop, house, TikTok dance. Mix & match them to stage unique performances with our in-app dance console

  • Add music

    Add music from Sensorium Galaxy virtual DJs or use Spotify search and playlists

  • Boost your experience with AR

    Switch to real-life backgrounds using AR feature to create eye-catching, viral videos

  • Become an influencer

    Record your videos and share them on social media. Challenge TikTokers in seconds

Build your own team of intergalactic beings

Phone screen with virtual character
  • Create your own Social AI circle by collecting multiple characters. Switch between them to interact with their different styles and personalities

  • Go unique with new models of virtual beings from Sensorium by visiting our in-app store

  • Use our in-app currency Senso

The Mind Pyramid

Discover the character creation suite! Create and edit your ideal conversation partner with a variety of customizable parts – gender, appearance, and even their personality

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