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Sensorium Galaxy brings real-life experiences into a digital metaverse — a shared 3D virtual space for everyone to enjoy. Get together, join high-quality shows, and play immersive games in a safe, affordable, and global space.

Sensorium Digital Metaverse Legend

In the distant future, earthlings embarked on a mission to unveil the mysteries of space, searching for other forms of life. Aboard Sensorium Starship, members of this intergalactic expedition discovered a space-time tunnel into a parallel universe, which they called Sensorium Galaxy — a digital metaverse consisting of a Halo, a many-worlds space, and three celestial bodies that feed it with cosmic energies.

The earthlings noticed that within the Halo an intense communication took place between extra-terrestrial humanoid civilizations. Intelligent species from all corners of the space traveled to this giant digital metaverse to exchange cultural experiences.

Such interactions between civilizations solve a wide range of humanitarian problems and drive further cognition of the Higher Knowledge by the collective cosmic mind:

∙ Cognition of the Infinity of Space and Time
∙ Cognition of Yourself and Your Higher Purpose
∙ Cognition of the design of the Supreme Mind of the Universe

The Halo is a space of worlds that change under the influence of a triad of stars and surround it on external orbits. The stars of the triad generate energies of a unique kind that flow through the Halo: the Energy of Cognition, the Energy of Self-Expression, and the Energy of Comprehension of Experience.

Inside the Halo, a field of energy known as the Absolute is being continuously synthesized. As the result of a synergy between the three energy flows of the star system, the Absolute is incessantly changing, governing the environment and all events of the Halo. This ensures that visitors of the metauniverse oasis can immerse themselves into a wide variety of activities.

The Sensorium Galaxy community offers human civilization the credentials of the highest status: having passed the activation program in the digital metaverse, participants complete their Digital Evolution and gain Digital Immortality. Reaching this stage enables them to comprehend the plan of the Supreme Intelligence of the Universe and to discover the Supreme Sense concealed in the Infinity of Space and Time.

The question is: are you ready?

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Sensorium Starship

Sensorium Starship is an intergalactic shuttle, bridging planet Earth and Sensorium Galaxy. Join the first expedition and unveil the endless possibilities of your avatar traveling across the multiple worlds of the SG digital metaverse.

Prism World

Located at the epicenter of SG, PRISM is the world of music. A land where top performers gather to express themselves with absolute freedom. Join them and see how this land mutates under the influence of their art.


Let your moves become your language. Connect with your senses through deep mindfulness & exciting dance performances to an underwater space. Dive into this mystic land to experience deep connections enabled by pure movements.



Sensorium Galaxy combines today’s top tech to deliver a unique degree of immersiveness across platforms and make you digitally immortal.

AI-powered Avatars

Artificial Intelligence elevates SG avatars. Behavioral recognition turns them into shockingly precise virtual representations of yourself, including social preferences, communication and manners.

Artificial Intelligence

SG avatars are constantly learning from users behavioral patterns to become accurate virtual representations. Over time, your avatar gains the ability to act autonomously, doing the things you love the most even when you are offline.

Generative Services

Sensorium Galaxy uses advanced generative music tech to create the world’s first AI-driven artists. These virtual DJs can play 100+ music genres and moods, interact with audiences, and adjust their styles based on environment data.

Digital Evolution

The more time you spend with your SG avatar, the closer you’ll get to become digitally immortal. The AI component behind each and every avatar ensures a shockingly precise and sustainble development of your virtual self.

Npc Dating

The vast universe of SG is inhabited by both real participants and AI-powered NPCs. These virtual companions learn from every interaction and adjust to your preferences over time. Your next partner might not be from this galaxy.


This distributed ledger technology protects the uniqueness of your virtual self and all digital art created in this metaverse. Value transactions are processed in digital assets to guarantee full transparency and meet high-security standards.

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Sensorium Starship

Embark on an intergalactic journey and get 2 free avatars. Meet travelers in a relaxed virtual lounge, with exclusive shows and unimaginable galactic views.


Prism World

PRISM world is a content hub for music performances and an already confirmed destination for shows of world-class artists including David Guetta, Carl Cox, Armin van Buuren, Black Coffee, and Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Eric Prydz and Charlotte de Witte.

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Prism Featured Artists

Find the world’s top-charting artists on PRISM. Join their live shows or enjoy pre-recorded performances from an extensive library at anytime.



Dive into the ruins of a lost civilization, home to mystic aquatic creatures known as Omojas. Discover the beauty of this underwater world through their eye-catching dances.

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build your

Digital Self

Set yourself free from Earthly limitations. Express your style with hundreds of avatars available, tune them up with special effects, and collectible items.

Let your character and talents take the lead. Stand out from stereotypes and pick your intergalactic look from a variety of Sensorium Galaxy avatars.

Create the new version of yourself and be whoever you want to be inside Sensorium Galaxy.

Let your avatar become your virtual extension and express yourself in a completely new way.

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Your participation can help us create the world’s most immersive digital metaverse.

Additional Benefits

After the public launch of Sensorium Galaxy, you'll get status of Official Member of the 1st Intergalactic Expedition, which includes the following perks

Visual Attribution
  • Limited edition insignia for SG 1st Expedition members
  • Exclusive design of virtual passport of SG Citizen
  • Extra accessory: flag of your country
  • Animated Emoji Set
  • Certificate of SG 1st Expedition
  • Priority access to events and VIP locations
  • Priority communication with artists and influencer
  • Special treatment of virtual staff: managers, bartenders, photographers, etc.
  • Access to additional exclusive activities
Client Privileges

While on your trip, you can shop on Sensorium Galaxy online store at discounted prices, preparing your avatar ahead of arrival. Purchased avatars and clothing will be immediately available for use in the Sensorium Starship, and be part of your permanent collection after the public launch of Sensorium Galaxy in Q2 2021.
Purchase today and benefit from the following conditions:

  • Participation in Monthly Items Giveaways
  • Participation in the creation of legends for SG avatars

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