09:25, 13 June 2023

Salvador Dali in Sensorium Galaxy

Salvador Dali is the latest Sensorium innovative milestone unveiled as an AI-driven replication of a historical figure. Based on GPT-3.5 topped with a custom-designed Conversational AI and finished with phantom memory injection, this photorealistiс character drives you to explore its authentic individuality mimicking human-like contact. High-fidelity renditions of a real-world individual give a face to technology and offer an immersive one-on-one experience.

Sensorium, an entertainment platform for XR creators, is at the forefront of artificial intelligence expansion when it creates AI-powered avatars populating virtual worlds of its multiplayer VR metaverse Sensorium Galaxy.

Ivan Nikitin, Sensorium's Chief Metaverse Officer, explains it in an exclusive interview for NASDAQ: “Our conversational experience surpasses even ChatGPT and its derivatives, with AI characters recognizing and responding to users' presence, fostering entertainment, emotional solace, and social skill-building in an immersive and visually-rich setting".

From such a perspective, virtual beings become not a thing to test, but essential partners providing new insights and inspiration. And what's more, we can observe this new standard for AI technology in the metaverse even when a virtual being contacts another virtual being. Remember Aurora, Sensorium's ambassador avatar? She invited Salvador Dali to explore what art on Earth is and what it's like to be an artist. It is a brilliant context-sensitive dialogue featuring intelligent reasoning from both sides — watch the full video on our YouTube Channel.

Try the authentic Salvador Dali experience in Sensorium Galaxy VR mode available on the Steam platform. And engage in relationships with a 24/7 virtual companion through the Sensorium Mobile App.

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