06:30, 29 June 2023

Mona Lisa: Metaverse Renaissance

Sensorium Galaxy Metaverse Streaming channel presents the third episode after the Meteor Vortex and Volcano. Hold your breath for a second—admiring a genuine masterpiece heroine while DJing in the Metaverse couldn't be more real.

Mona Lisa magnificently follows Salvador Dali as a second AI-driven replication of a historical figure in Sensorium Galaxy. But unlike her forerunner, she prefers to act rather than talk. Her digital rebirth takes an unexpected turn, giving her the ultimate freedom and a passion for music, so she sets the vibe in the Starship as the next AI artist in the Sensorium line-up.

Smooth interior curves, spectacular lighting, and Mona Lisa's ultra-modern looks make it an unforgettable experience to meet the enigma of the millennium. The Starship social hub is injected with a romantic mood—couples are dancing here and there to melodic space house grooves. Join them! The full video is available on our YouTube.

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