06:00, 17 August 2022

Sensorium Galaxy Streaming Channel Now Live

Eager to explore the Sensorium Galaxy metaverse? This update is for you. Ahead of our global VR premiere, we are excited to release the world's first in-engine metaverse streaming channel. An opportunity for everyone to start exploring the virtual environments of Sensorium Galaxy in an easy-to-access format.

With this 24/7 livestream, you can access an exclusive series of Empyreal Parties hosted by our line-up of original AI-driven virtual artists. Each party takes place in a different location of Sensorium Galaxy, giving you a chance to travel across a diverse selection of compelling digital spaces.

The first Empyreal Party happens at the Meteor Vortex in a far-off location with stunning views of the entire galaxy. The visual experience is complemented by the signature music of Kara Mar, Natisa Sitar, and Ninalis — all ruling the decks of the levitating concert module.

The subsequent Empyreal Parties will feature the volcanic surface of PRISM, the captivating interiors of Sensorium Starship, and other fascinating spots.

To watch the hour-long Empyreal Party #01 from the Meteor Vortex, tune in to our website, mobile app, or YouTube channel.

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