09:25, 20 February 2023

Sensorium Party Episode II: Volcano is available on YouTube

A volcanic eruption in the PRISM world is a new location we're unveiling as part of an endless galactic Sensorium Party. It's hot there.

Let's dive into the lineup for the upcoming 'Volcano' rave in the PRISM world. Three virtual DJs are making their debut this time: Yonaka, AX421 and JA:IN, the first Sensorium Galaxy AI-driven DJ. Their meticulous sound selection and the expressive dance moves of AI-powered partygoers blend seamlessly with the energy of the volcanic eruption.

Sensorium Galaxy Metaverse Streaming Episode 2 is now available on YouTube. Listen and travel to a cosmic Volcano cataclysm in the PRISM World. Try this out-of-this-world experience before the global VR launch.

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