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Out-of-this-world experiences, now even closer. As we approach the global VR launch, Sensorium Galaxy unveils a series of episodes from an endless galactic Sensorium Party. Listen, watch, and travel across the galaxy with a metaverse livestream featuring shows from our exclusive lineup of AI artists and virtual beings.

Sensorium Galaxy is designed to enable multisensory experiences in every possible way. With our metaverse streaming channel, you can preview our full-fledged digital environments and enjoy top-notch music performances on any device, any time.

Sensorium Party Arrives At PRISM’s Volcano

Dust and fire set the atmosphere in the latest edition of Sensorium parties. Following a spectacular premiere of the Meteor Vortex, a fresh lineup of AI-driven DJs is ready to take you on a new metaverse adventure.

Behind the decks, AX421, JAI:N, and Yonaka lead the Sensorium Party with their signature tracks. In this show, expect to find yourself surrounded by a massive volcano eruption taking place in PRISM world.

Tune in to experience a true out-of-this-world metaverse party without the need of a VR headset. And make sure to stay tuned for our next stop: the colossal interiors of the Sensorium Starship.

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