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Explore the depths of Sensorium Galaxy with the world’s first 24/7 in-engine metaverse streaming channel

Out-of-this-world experiences, now even closer. Listen, watch, and travel across the virtual worlds of Sensorium Galaxy with a metaverse livestream featuring shows from our exclusive line-up of AI artists and virtual beings.

Sensorium Galaxy is designed to enable multisensory experiences in every possible way. With our metaverse streaming channel, you can preview our full-fledged digital environments and enjoy top-notch music performances on any device, any time.

Tune in ahead of the global VR premiere and dive right in.

Explore new destinations with Empyreal parties

Admire the vastness of Sensorium Galaxy. Our first Empyreal party places you right at the center of the Meteor Vortex - a remote location with astonishing views and the signature music of our metaverse’s top performers.

Kàra Màr, Natisa Sitar, and Ninalis jump aboard a levitating concert module to deliver powerful beats as you enjoy a sublime visual experience.

In our consecutive streaming events, you go on tour through the dusty scenery of PRISM’s volcanic surface and the impactful interiors of Sensorium Starship.

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Request exclusive access to the Sensorium Galaxy VR BETA. Be among the first to experience our product and help us refine critical aspects of our VR experience.

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Featured characters

Meet Sensorium Galaxy virtual artists and beings

Bypass the limitations of digital social interactions. Get to know your artists of choice in detail with every new performance. Go beyond their distinctive music styles and unveil their authentic personalities with the Sensorium Galaxy Mobile App.

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